Research & Training in Aqueous & Gas-Water-Rock Interactions (Bio)Geochemistry & Reactive Transport


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Coupled Hydrogen and Nitrogen Generation by Ammonium Decomposition.

Who am I?

I defended my PhD in gas-water-solid interactions geochemistry in 2006 at the Université de Lorraine (France). Independent researcher/consultant since 2014, I have worked for industry, academics and research agencies. I use hydrogeochemical & reactive transport softwares to address my clients’ questions; taking advantage of my background in laboratory experiments carrying-out. I have worked on number of topics; and especially ones related to the energetic/ecological transition such as Carbon Capture (Utilization) & Storage (CC(U)S), geothermal energy & Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) in salt caverns or aquifers in the few past years.

Nicolas Jacquemet

My tool : PHREEQC


Hydrogeochemical and reactive transport modeling

This software allows to calculate the thermochemical equilibrium of gas-water-solid systems, but also their state after a time period through user-defined kinetical laws for chemical reaction progress with time.


I have carried out R&D studies in different sectors such as Underground Hydrogen Storage, Natural Hydrogen, Carbon Capture (Utilization) and Storage (CC(U)S), Geothermal Energy, and much more!

Some of my clients